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Film Schools in the US

There is a reason why America is often the first choice for filmmaking schools. Film making in America is a booming business, and film schools reflect this fact. Film production in America continues to grow, with ever increasing demands for cutting edge skills and training new students provide.


Film Production schools offer a very wide range of programs and courses to choose from. Those students just begin their filmmaking studies, and professionals already in the film production industry can benefit from the wide array of course options and training available.

The list below outlines some of the most well respected filmmaking schools in America.

Academy of Art College (San Francisco)

American Film Institute (Los Angeles)

Art Center College of Design (Pasadena)

Art Institute of Chicago (Chicago)

Brooklyn College (New York)

Cinema Training Center (Hollywood)

Colorado Film School (Denver)

Detroit Film Center (Detroit)

Digital Film Academy (New York)

Film & TV Connection (Beverly Hills)

Hollywood Film Institute (Santa Monica)

Los Angeles Film School (Los Angeles)

New York Film Academy (New York)

Northwest Film Center (Portland)

Palm Beach Film School (West Palm Beach)

Pittsburgh Filmmakers (Pittsburgh)

Rochester Institute of Technology (Rochester)

Seattle Film Institute (Seattle)

The Art Institute of Seattle (Seattle)

The Film School (Seattle)

The International Film Institute of New York (New York)

Watkins College of Art & Design (Nashville)

Students interested in film schools in America are urged to take the time to review all prospective schools, as there are many to choose from. Many types of financial student aid for film school are available. Contact the school of your choice for more information about student loans and filmmaking scholarship opportunities.