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Filmmaking Industry Jobs

Film making is always an exciting, ever changing career path. The details outlined below provide a very brief overview of the kinds of filmmaking jobs available to those with appropriate training in the field.


Film producer

The Film Producer is charged with managing the expenses, organization, and all decisions involved in producing the film itself. It is the Film Producer that conceives of an idea for a film, hires a Director, makes casting decisions, and decides on the film crew and locations. The Producer is the primary authority overseeing the all aspects of the production of a film, and it's progress.

Production Manager

The Production Manager is tasked with organizing the production of the film as specified by the Producer. This person delegates responsibility for all tasks and manages them throughout their completion.

Production Assistant

A Production Assistant coordinates many of the functions required to produce a film, including flight and hotel bookings, administrative duties, scheduling film shoots, booking locations, equipment and film shipment from location, etc. Production Assistants typically are strong multi-taskers, and shoulder a variety of responsibilities at any given time.

Assistant Director

There can be one or more assistant directors, depending upon the film budget. They take care of Assistant Directors ensure that a film shoot adheres to the appropriate schedules, and that all functions of the set are prepared and available when needed. The film's budget will often dictate how many Assistant Directors are present.


A Director serves a number of functions including; the interpretation of the script, auditioning and selecting actors, directing cast and crew, overseeing costumes and choreography, working out camera angles, and so on. The Director is charged with ensuring that the film's artistic and creative expression meets the Producers demands. The Director is in control of the studio or location where the film is being shot.


Researchers are tasked with ensuring the historical, scientific or sociological accuracy of the film. They are critical to ensuring a film's authenticity, for example, in a documentary production.


The cinematographer is charged with the operations of the camera and all lighting. The cameraman is the one in control of the camera and follows directions from the film Director. Typically, the Cinematographer has several Assistants.

Audio Engineers

Audio (Sound) Engineers work both on the set and in the studio, and are in charge of all aspects of the sound of a film, including music, voice, and any other sounds required for the film.

The above list is in no way an exhaustive list of the jobs and skills required to produce a film. As anyone who has ever watched a film shoot can attest, there are many people working on a shoot, all carrying out a number of different, yet essential, duties in producing a successful film shoot.