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There are many audio engineering and filmmaking programs offered in Canada, the United States, and many countries around the globe. Those interested in seeking training in North America have a number of outstanding programs and institutions from which to choose.

Below is a brief outline of some of the most popular sound engineering and filmmaking programs in demand by industry today.



Audio Engineering & Music Production Programs

These programs are typically of a one or two year duration. Most sound engineering programs offer both theory and hands on training, and focus on sound recording, audio engineering, live sound, sound engineering, and digital audio. An important aspect to consider when choosing a sound engineering program are the facilities available to students. Access to quality, state of the art studio space is critical. Many consider the availability of practicums an important part of any audio engineering program, as they provide students with hands on, real world experience.

Film & Digital Arts Programs

Those interested in film making typically choose this type of program. Digital arts and film making programs are typically one or two year programs. These programs cover subject areas including; film production, digital film editing, film making, screenwriting for film and TV, film producing, film, film directing, video production, film financing, cinematography, contracts/union law, film set and TV set skills, new media, and film history.

Film & Music Business Programs

These programs focus on both the music and film industry in a legal promotional and financial framework. Programs are usually a one or two year duration. Topics covered include; basic film making, film promotion, film industry contracts, film industry jobs, film financing, film production, film tradeshows, film history, film festivals, film administration, and film production accounting. A focus on the music industry covers topics including; record production, entertainment business skills, music industry contracts, concert promotion, artist management, artist development, music festivals, overview of recording studios, and music promotion and marketing. Publishing and copyrights are also included.

Digital Graphic Arts Programs

Taught over one or two years, the graphic arts skills studied focus on the entertainment industry. Courses include; CD design, movie posters, artist promotional graphics, software packaging, and web site design. These programs typically place a strong emphasis on hands on skills. Graphic design skills and the software required to produce them are the focus. We offer both a Audio Engineering and a Film and Digital Arts program. Both are 12 month programs. 

Typically, programs will include the following:

Audio Engineering & Music Production Program

  • Electronic Music

  • Record Production

  • Audio Engineering A

  • Audio Engineering B

  • Audio Engineering C

  • Live Sound

  • Music Theory

  • Audio for Video

  • Entertainment Business Skills

  • Career Management

  • Digital Audio Workstation

  • Studio Maintenance

Film & Digital Arts

  • Production Overview

  • Cinematography/Videography

  • Final Cut Pro/Non Linear Film Editing

  • AVID/Non Linear Film Editing

  • The Film Set/Television Studio

  • Digital Production Workshop

  • Screenplay-Writing for Television and Film

  • Shooting–With and Without a Crew

  • New Media

  • Audio For Video

  • Career Management

  • Director's Craft