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Los Angeles, California


Vancouver, (BC) British Columbia

Calgary, Alberta

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Toronto, Ontario

Montreal, Quebec

Seattle Washington Music and Film Schools (Audio and Video Engineering)

MusicFilmSchools.com offers both a Audio Engineering and a Film and Digital Arts program. Both are 12 month programs and are offering in Vancouver British Columbia (BC), Canada. 

People living in the Seattle can, and should, take advantage of the currency exchange rate and close proximity to Vancouver BC Canada to attend one of our top notch programs listed below.

Vancouver offers residents the mountains, fresh air and a healthy lifestyle that is simply unmatched...anywhere.  In addition to our excellent facilities and top level instruction and access to the latest editing equipment and engineering systems your also under a 5hr drive from some of the best skiing in the world. Banff /Lake Louise and Whistler / Blackcomb are home to some of the worlds best downhill skiing.  Back in the city you can catch fresh crab and stand in awe of some of the most amazing scenery on the planet in Vancouver BC.


Our Program Details:

Audio Engineering & Music Production Program

  • Electronic Music

  • Record Production

  • Audio Engineering A

  • Audio Engineering B

  • Audio Engineering C

  • Live Sound

  • Music Theory

  • Audio for Video

  • Entertainment Business Skills

  • Career Management

  • Digital Audio Workstation

  • Studio Maintenance

Film & Digital Arts

  • Production Overview

  • Cinematography/Videography

  • Final Cut Pro/Non Linear Film Editing

  • AVID/Non Linear Film Editing

  • The Film Set/Television Studio

  • Digital Production Workshop

  • Screenplay-Writing for Television and Film

  • Shooting–With and Without a Crew

  • New Media

  • Audio For Video

  • Career Management

  • Director's Craft

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